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An ultra short synopsis of what you'll need to keep handy about the KeYmaera X Prover for Hybrid Systems is on the KeYmaera X Cheat Sheet.

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A great practical way to learn how to use the KeYmaera X Prover for Hybrid Systems is via the KeYmaera X Tutorial:

  1. Differential Dynamic Logic in KeYmaera X
  2. Hybrid Programs in KeYmaera X
  3. Proofs in KeYmaera X
  4. Differential Equation Proofs in KeYmaera X
  5. User Tutorial Videos for KeYmaera X
PDF Version of KeYmaera X Tutorial for download [PDF].

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Video: User Tutorial Video for KeYmaera X



The most comprehensive and readable background on the differential dynamic logic that the KeYmaera X Prover for Hybrid Systems provides can be found in the Textbook: Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems. Additional theory can be found in the Book: Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems. Those books do not cover KeYmaera X specifically, though.

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Video: Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems (10min)

[Brief (10min) | Overview (40min) | More Videos]